Hello there.

I'm DaCatBlock (or cabl if you're eri or tni)

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I'm kinda silly.

My favorite activities include:

  • Coding
  • Playing Minecraft with friends
  • Being outdoors (I go on walks almost every day)

Programming is fun.

I may not be the best, but coding is fun and rewarding. I can code in:

  • HTML (and CSS)
  • Scratch (still learning syntax and edge-case parameters, but slowly progressing)
  • Svelte (only by brute force through experimentation)

Fun facts.

I exist.

My favorite color is Very Peri.

I actively work at Meower.

Your mother.

Contact me. (please. I am alone.)

Find me on Meower @DaCatBlock.

Send me a email: Click This.

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